Hello from Iola and Angel


Hi I’m Iola and I’m going to tell you all about the real-life Angel. I’ve owned her for almost six years and I love her very much. She has been in an unsually grumpy mood this week because she is having to stay in her stable and is only allowed out in the field for an hour at the time. The trouble is, Angel is a very greedy pony and the spring grass is not good for her – it causes something called laminitis which makes her feet hurt. The other night she decided to show how strongly she disapproved of not being allowed out by deciding to pull all her rugs off their bench in her stable and empty her grooming kit all over the floor. When I went into her stable she looked very innocent as if to say ‘I have absolutely no idea who did this!’ She was also looking rather smug because she had discovered a packet of treats in one of the grooming kit. Of course there were none left by the time I got there in the morning!


Now it’s the Easter holidays Angel’s going to be ridden more which will help keep her tummy a bit slimmer and should mean she can go out in the field for a bit longer. In a few weeks time we’ve got a Pony Club mounted games training session – Angel loves doing mounted games.


I’m 15 now and quite big for her so she’s also being ridden (and loved) by Tabitha who is eight. Angel really likes being ridden by younger riders and she loves Tabitha!
More soon when I’ll give you an update on how we get on at the mounted games!

Iola x


  1. aponycalledangel says:

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for commenting. I had a look at the book trailer you made for Angel and I really love it! Mum says thank you too.
    Love Iola x.

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