The Real Angel Pony


Facts About Angel

Height: 13hh

Colour: Palomino

Breed: Welsh Section B

Likes: food, cuddles, mounted games

Dislikes: small hole haynets, not being allowed in the field, motorbikes, black and white fillers in jumps (for some reason they’re VERY scary!)

Posh name: Oakhouse Fantasia

Owner in real life: Iola and she is also ridden and loved by eight-year-old Tabitha

Tabitha & Angel

Best friend: Bertie the Exmoor who lives in the next door stable and is owned and loved in real life by Ellie.


Here are Bertie and Ellie!


And this is Max who has a starring role in the second book. He’s in the pony club mounted games team with Angel and is seen here with his owner, also called Ellie.