Meet Rosie and Her Friends

Rosie Collington (11) is pony-mad, loyal, fun and friendly. She is quite sporty and loves being outdoors. She lives at Glebe Farm, a working sheep farm in Leicestershire, England, with her parents and her brother Jack and loves to help out on the farm. She is in Year 6 at Saxelby Primary School and sometimes wishes her parents would let her be a bit more grown up – they are quite protective and she isn’t allowed her own mobile phone yet. All she has ever dreamt of is having her own pony. She loves to gallop and jump when she is riding.

Milly James (11) becomes Rosie’s out-of-school best friend in book one when they meet at Orchard Stables. They are equally pony-mad. Milly is small for her age. She is outgoing, brave and fun and has a hot temper. She is the middle of three girls, having a younger sister, Abigail who is 5 and an older sister, Helena who is 13. Her parents are very relaxed. She is naturally popular without an ounce of shyness.

Alice Meadows (11) Alice and Rosie go to Saxelby Primary School together and have been best friends since they were four. Alice loves animals and wants to be a vet but although she likes ponies she is scared of riding. She loves to help out on Rosie’s farm. She is very clever, loves reading and is an only child. Alice and Rosie will be going to different secondary schools in September.

Jack Collington (12) Rosie’s brother is mostly good fun but like most older brothers, he often teases Rosie. Rosie thinks he has changed since he started secondary school six months ago. Now, he doesn’t want to play with Rosie any more, preferring to spend his time on the Xbox and seeing his school friends.

Helena James (13) Milly’s big sister who also goes to Orchard Stables. She and her friend Jo are both in Year 9 and often tease Milly and Rosie. They can be really annoying. They like to play dares.

Hayley Johnson (29) Hayley owns and runs Orchard Stables. She has ten riding school ponies and four young eventers. Her top eventer is Solo who is competing at Intermediate level. She wants to take him to the very top. She is a very kind, positive and encouraging teacher. When she was younger she did a lot of mounted games and went to the Horse of the Year Show as part of her Pony Club’s mounted games team.