Which Pony Would You Choose?

In the books Angel lives at Rosie’s family’s farm: Glebe Farm. However, they spend a lot of time at Orchard Stables, a riding school and livery yard run by Hayley Johnson, ten minutes away from the farm. These are some of the ponies Hayley owns. Which one would YOU choose to ride?



Bertie is a 12hh bay Exmoor with a long, shaggy forelock and mane, he’s very cute and well behaved. Bertie is a slow rather than a fast pony but he loves to jump and is very good at it. He is inquisitive and loves to play with his treat ball and likes to pick things up with his teeth. Bertie loves to show off when he is in a show ring but he is also really good with beginner riders because he looks after them.


Magpie is a 13hh black and white coloured pony. He is very fast but doesn’t like being led. He can be naughty. If he feels his rider isn’t in control of him he trots to the gate and stops there during lessons. He is very good at opening doors and escaping. With a good rider on he is brilliant, he loves to jump and is very fast when he does cross-country.FredHeadSquare


Fred is a 14hh black cob with a white blaze. He loves carrots. He is very calm, cheerful and laid back and nothing ever upsets him. He’ll have a go at anything and is one of the friendliest ponies at the stables.


Fudge is a 12hh dun Welsh section A pony. She is very gentle and sweet with big dark eyes. She loves cuddles and small children. She will pop over small jumps but doesn’t like jumping high. She is quite lazy and needs a lot of encouraging to get into canter.


Max is a 13.3hh grey Connemara with a dark mane and tail. He’s only six and still learning. He sometimes gets over-excited and likes to buck and tries to gallop off. His favourite treats are mints. He is very fast and competitive and loves to win races. He needs a brave rider.


Chimes is a 13hh grey new forest pony who is twenty six and is semi-retired. She was Hayley’s Prince Philip cup games pony when Hayley was younger. She likes being a lead-rein pony best now.